Human narrative is phenomenological--objectively and subjectively. The richness of our lives comes from successive experiences--the ten percent we don't ignore or erase--that cannot be separated from one another. We accumulate, we collect experiences exactly as they occur but we re-order and interpret them in order to allow our narrative to grow, to accumulate significance. This synthesis of events is our narrative's plot.

     Our narrative is dependent on memory but memory isn't always correct-- we fill in gaps, we blend our experiences, we let imagination work its way into our fact. But if we remove, re-work or if we isolate an experience the narrative falls away, the narrative falls apart.

     This removal, this re-working, this isolation is my concern. The gaps that we fill and the imagination that comes drive my work. Each photograph acts as an empty stage or an empty set which we must consciously fill in. We're familiar with the objects, we know what they do, how they work, what would go on at any other time. The light shows that each space is occupied, that we are looking in, that something is about to happen. But what and why? We are witnesses and should keep in the shadows and wait.

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